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  GPA has a history steeped in Michel Finquel’s background from Formula 1 car racing. Michel, a race car driver in the sixties, formulated new designs for the racing industry after watching many of his friends being hurt and even killed in racing accidents.  He designed the first fire resistant suits under the NAZA brand name; subsequently a close working relationship with designers of the GPA brand brought innovation to Formula 1 with the design of the ‘integral helmet’.  World famous drivers such as Nelson Piquet, Alain Prost, Jacques Laffite and Gilles Villeneuve all have woren GPA helmets.

After he and his daughter took up horse riding, Michel decided he needed to ensure the same protection was offered to protect his daughter’s head as he had done for the Formula 1 drivers in the car racing world.  The GPA brand was the first riding hat to include a combined chin and nape protection strap and also the first hat with CE (European standard) and SEI (US standard) approval.

The were originally designed for show jumping, it then moved into other areas of equestrian sport such as polo, eventing, endurance and even racing.  The safety hats were also chosen for the most demanding of institutions; the French, British, Norwegian, and Italian Police and Armies all use GPA helmets.  This is due to the high performance materials in which the hats are designed from, including Titanium and Carbon for strength and lightness.

GPA Apparel has become the new favorite of many World Class Riders. They are the crème de la crème for riding jackets, shirts and breeches.  The soft shell technology is the key that creates a top of the line edge for all competitive riders.   The GPA "Skin" breech are your answer to a perfect, sinuous fit.  The breeches are cut by laser and bound by a thermo-welding process, making the seams stronger than any kind of stitching.  The show jackets are designed by GPA for serious riders, in lightweight, D-Flex, a revolutionary new fabric which offers incredible four-way stretch for total rider comfort in the saddle.  Better still, these unique fabrics are also water repellant, breathable and machine washable!  Not only will you feel comfortable and confident when competing, but you will look fabulous too! 

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GPA Classic 2X *New 2016 Model

One of the most popular model! It was the first helmet designed by GPA and has been improved during the time. Multi-purpose helmet, for all levels of horse-riding.

GPA Easy Helmet

The Easy has been made to meet all expectations from beginner riders to experienced, and from pleasure riding to competition.

GPA Evo 2X *New 2016 Model

GPA model new generation : light, ventilated. New design for this integrated and flexible visor. Metalized painting.

GPA Speed Air 2X *New 2016 Model

A major product of the range with the 2X harness with a perfect envelopping comfort! GPA combines through this new helmet, safety, comfort and design.


GPA brings you a New and Exclusive Limited Edition dedicated to Ladies! You will fall for this glamorously hypnotic pink sweater! Adorned with beautifully strass stones.

GPA Elite Men II

The Elite Men’s II jacket features the unique GPA NOSEW technology. The seams are no longer sewn in the traditional fashion but instead they are glued for superior strength and comfort. No longer will seam friction against the skin be a problem.

GPA First Lady

The first horse riding helmet designed and developed for the LADIES. This product presents the same technical assets and comfort as the Speed'Air: ventilation, safety, lightness, removable inside liners.

GPA First Lady 4S Black

This model has same technical assets than Speed’air : comfort, ventilation, protection. Large visor to protec skin against sun injuries.Leather finitions (visor and nuca), metal badges. This ultra ventilated helmet guarantees safety, solidity and lightness.

GPA Grand Prix Lady II

The classic fit of the grand prix lady jacket fit for the hunter ring. Water, wind resistant, breathable, stretch fabric for comfort, machine washable.

GPA Grand Prix Lady II Special

The classic fit of the grand prix lady jacket fit for the hunter ring. Water, wind resistant, breathable, stretch fabric for comfort, machine washable.

GPA Skin Lady Breech NoSew

Unique in the world a true Innovation: breeches without seams, a real second skin! Breeches are cut by laser and fabric welded by an exceptional technique NOSEW, registered trademark. Exclusive only for GPA. The most comfortable breech you will ever wear.

GPA Speed Air 4S Black

Designed with 4 elements, the 4S, whose sandwich superposition allows for remarkable damping, and better resistance to lateral compression

GPA Speed Air Evo Black-Black

The GPA Speed Air Evolution ultra light wieght, sturdy, extremely well ventalated on the front, back and sides create excelent air flow for effective cooling. Sleek visor on the front for protection from the sun. Adjustable chin strap.