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Deniro Young S3312+PS Field Boot Smooth and Soft Leather

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A beautifully crafted Long Smooth Leather boot, made from Calfskin Leather, making this a soft boot therefore easily adapting to the shape of the leg

The interior of the boot is lined with Grain Calfskin. Intricate stitching adornes the lower portion fo the boot gradually into the leather and rubber sole. The sole allows for cushioned comfort making it easier to ride in

The boot is made equally as easy to put on, with the zip to the rear of the boot, secured with a zip guard at the top and lined with elastic to the right hand side of the zip

The De Niro boot uses WRAT Technology - this treatment uses hydrophobic materials that are bonded to the leather structure during tannage to form a protective barier and will last the entire life of the boots. This allows for the leather to remain light in wet conditions makes caring for the boots easier.


Step 1 - Foot size

Select your EU foot size

Step 2 - Calf size

In a standing position with the feet flat to the floor, have a friend measure the widest part of your calf. Remember to wear your normal riding leg wear and measure both calf muscles as the measurements may differ.

Step 3 - Height Size

Select you height size: In a standing position with bare feet and a slightly bent knee whilst keeping your feet flat, get a friend to measure from the bottom of your heel to the crease of your knee.



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