Bucas Buzz-Off Rain Fly Sheet Rain & Neck

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The fly sheet with integrated rain protection from Bucas, now with a removable neck part!

The Buzz-Off Rain Blanket is a combination of the Buzz-Off Fly Blanket and the super light Sun Shower Summer Blanket. The upper part of the Buzz-Off Rain is waterproof, breathable and protects the horse's back from moisture. The lower part is made of close-knit, airy netting. This area ensures very good ventilation. At the same time, the material reflects UV rays. 

At a glance

  • Back, mane comb and tail flap: waterproof and breathable
  • Side parts made of particularly fine-meshed netting
  • UV protection
  • T-buckle with magnetic snap-lock closure
  • Elastic, detachable belly flap
  • Leg straps
  • Detachable neck part

Neck part The new Buzz-Off Rain & Neck has a detachable neck part for even more flexibility and can be combined with a fly mask (not included): eg Buzz-off fly mask. The product is shown below.

Best protection
The special thing about the blanket is the large belly flap with elastic straps that fits tightly around the chest and stomach. The belly flap is easy to open for convenient coverslipping and can be quickly removed for a possible replacement. For more powerfully built horses, we recommend the practical belly flap extensions, which is best to order at the same time. The integrated neck part and the generous tail protection offer the best protection against annoying insects and at the same time a good wearing comfort. 

The Bucas fly rugs are made of a specially developed light, but very durable material. Close-meshed fabric ensures breathability and the best protection even against small insects. The stable front closure system with the padded bib offers optimal space for the shoulders. This way your horse doesn't feel constricted.

UV protection 
The material of the Bucas Buzz-Off considerably reduces the amount of UV light and the risk of sunburn. UV protection is particularly important for horses with a tendency towards sweet itch and can help alleviate the symptoms.

Rain protection
The mane comb, the back and the tail flap are made of waterproof polyester fabric, this offers perfect protection in changeable summer weather.

Stock up in good time
Often the stinging pests wake up explosively with the first warm rays of sunshine. So have the fly sheet ready in good time. 

It is best to have two blankets.
Remember that your fly sheet also needs to be washed or repaired during the season. Make sure you have an equivalent replacement blanket ready for this time. Your horse will thank you for this investment