Jin Stirrups Mono Helmet

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JIN Helmets are constructed with a fiberglass and kevlar shell. The helmet passes international safety certification tests with up to a 30% safety margin. The shell exterior is smooth, increasing the slide effect in the case of a fall, and chin straps are affixed low at the base of the neck to increase helmet stability. 

The interior padding is fabric, and can be removed for washing. One interior pad is included with purchase of helmet shell. Additional interior pads must be purchased separately.


Helmet Shell Sizing:

Medium - Select for head size 52-56cm

Large - Select for head size 57-59cm

X-Large - Select for head size 60-62cm

To correctly choose the size of your helmet and inner pad, measure the circumference of your head. Take a tape measure and lay it about 2.5 cm above your eyebrows. Compare the corresponding measurement to the sizing chart to determine the correct helmet and inner pad size