Majyk Equipe Vented Infinity Tendon Boot - Front

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Vented Infinity Tendon Boots are comprehensive jump boots for horses from Majyk Equipe. State-of-the-art materials and careful design means these jumping boots are safe and comfortable for top performance.The outer shell is a high grade BASF TPU that flexes with a horse's movements yet is incredibly protective. Outer strike guard has dual hardness, with strong raised outer core to repel impact and a softer inner core to allow for tendon flexion. The horse can move freely and is protected from overheating, suspensory injuries, and bowed tendons. Eight vents with micro mesh filters increase air flow. Double stitched Velcro closures provide excellent grip and durability.

The interior strike guard running across tendons and fetlocks is a dynamic technological material called ARTi-LAGE. It remains soft until the moment of impact when it instantly hardens into a protective barrier. Once the energy is deflected away from the impact point, the ARTi-LAGE material immediately returns to its softer state. This decreases friction and improves flexibility for your horse. Inner boot liner is non-neoprene bio foam that is soft and prevents boots from slipping. Naturally breathable memory foam is perforated for additional ventilation. It's eco-friendly, anti-fungal, and hypo-allergenic, which makes it a great choice for horses with sensitive skin.

  • Flexible Outer TPU Shell with 8 Vents
  • Inner Strike Guard Featuring exclusive ARTi-LAGE dilitant material
  • Non-Neoprene Bio Foam Liner that's light and breathable
  • USA Velcro brand Long Straps for individual adjustment
  • Double Stitched Binding and Finishing
  • Colors Black Pearl, White Pearl, Brown/Black