Nathe Mullen Mouth Pelham

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The Nathe bits encourage the horse to chew and salivate while the mouthpieces prevent allergic reactions. The bits are extremely gentle to the horse‘s mouth and tongue, and are especially advisable for the riding of sensitive horses as well as for a very sensitive way of riding. The mullen mouthpiece places even pressure on the mouthpiece, lips, and bars.

The Pelham bit has elements of both a Bradoon and a Weymouth and should theoretically be used with 2 reins. The Pelham can also be used with pelham roundings but the actions become less differential. The first rein is attached to the snaffle rein, and the second rein attached to the ring at the bottom of the shank. When the first rein is used the Pelham acts like a hanging cheek snaffle, putting slight pressure on the poll and mouth. When the second rein is brought into play, it increases the leverage and lip pressure and also the curb chain also comes into play.

The curb chain should be fitted so that the curb chain tightens when the second rein is brought into play, but there must be a bit of give so not to tighten up straight away.