Prestige L.C. Dressage Saddle - 17" Used

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Seat 17" - Withers Bar 34 - S1 Black - As shown in used condition.


L. C. has been produced in collaboration with Laura Conz, coach of FISE (Italian Equestrian Federation). In addition to new, unique look, saddle holds the rider’s seat close to the horse, has specially shaped knee blocks, giving the opportunity to free calf  work. With such solutions, the riders stay in close contact with the horse, remaining the same steady full seat. In addition, the front blocks in the L. C. saddle are placed in a new position within flap,  which has a positive effect on freedom of movement. The shape of the inner cushion eliminates pressure points. The saddle has a deep seat, is made of high quality Italian calf leather with improved anti-slip properties.